Posted on Jun 26, 2020

Salterra SEO Company Scottsdale

It’s all About User Intent in 2020
In 2017-2019 web search is all about matching Googler’s with the intent behind their search. Much of this is accomplished with Rankbrain, a machine learning algorithm that is placed on top of Google’s core algo.
Why is this important? Well, by Google getting better at matching users with EXACTLY what they were looking for, be it an informational or commercial search, conversion rates and page engagement for organic searches has gone thru the roof!
While other forms of marketing and advertising are “intrusive”, interrupting the user experience with a “sales pitch”, organic results meet the audience half way with a targeted and relevant message that delivers value and appeals to their interests.
A quality SEO strategy will cover content across all types of intent including:
• Informational
• Research
• Transactional
• Commercial
• And more
And by doing so, your web traffic from organic search will have a higher conversion potential than most other traffic sources.
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