Posted on Jun 26, 2020

Salterra SEO Company Scottsdale

Why you NEED Search Engine Optimization
Ok, so you’ve heard about SEO, who hasn’t. And you know you SHOULD be doing some kind of search engine optimization on your blog or website, but you just haven’t got around to it. Google says that if you provide good quality content to your audience they’ll find you on their own right? So is SEO really that important?
YES, IT IS. The “if you build it they will come” model is a thing of the past. Sure, in the ‘90’s and early 2000’s you may have gotten away with it, but today competition is FIERCE even in the smallest of niches and growing at an ever increasing pace with no sign of slowing down.
In fact, head over to Google now (don’t worry, I’ll wait). Now type in your main keyword in the search box and click the little search icon. Now look at the number of results. I’m guessing its larger than either of our bank accounts will ever be. Point is, that’s how many pages/sites you are competing with in your niche for a very finite amount of traffic.
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